Good Record-keeping Helps New Business Owners Avoid Tax-time Headaches

Good Record-keeping Helps New Business Owners Avoid Tax-time Headaches

How To Get Someone Out Of Jail When You Don't Have The Money

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People are going to jail every day for making bad decisions. Most states require you to pay a bail before they release you back into society. If you do not have the money, then you will stay in jail until your court date. However, if you decide to do your friend a favor and get him or her out of jail, then read on to find how to get someone out of jail when you don't have the money.

Call A Bails Bondsman

A surety bond is one of the ways to get someone out of jail without paying the full amount. It is a contract that makes sure someone keeps an agreement. A bail bonds guarantee that the bail will be paid if the defendant decides not to show up for court. You will need to contact a 24 hour bails bond company to make this transaction.

To get a surety bond, you need collateral, such as a house or vehicle. It is a big responsibility when you take on a bond for someone. If the person does not show up for court, then you lose your collateral. When you take out a surety bond, you have to pay 10 percent of the bond.

Get A Pay Day Loan

A pay day loan is a short-term advance that must be paid back by your next paycheck. If you cannot pay the money back by the due date, then you can ask for an extension. However, it is important to pay the loan back as soon as possible to avoid high interest rates.

Donate Plasma

If you have a portion of the money or trying to raise it, then donating plasma is a quick way to get cash. Blood plasma is the liquid part of your blood. It is clear and contains enzymes, proteins, antibodies and water. Plasma is also used to help patients fight blood clot disorders and other diseases. The amount you are paid depends on your location and how much you donate. These facilities pay from $25 to $50 per donation.

If you decide to raise bail for a friend, then you should make it clear whether you expect to receive the money back. The point of bail is to make sure that someone shows up for court. It is your responsibility to make sure the defendant makes it to court dates. If not, you could be out of money and a friendship.  


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Good Record-keeping Helps New Business Owners Avoid Tax-time Headaches

I have been a business owner for years, and I want to share some tips for success with new entrepreneurs out there who are struggling. I have had my share of business ups and downs, but there was one lesson that it took me way too long to learn: Good financial record-keeping year-long keeps tax time from being so stressful. During my first year in business, I kept most business expense receipts, but when tax time arrived, I found out that I needed to save much more than just those receipts. Thanks to technology, I was able to recover most of the documentation I needed, but it was a huge headache. I quickly invested in good record-keeping software and it made tax time much less stressful during the following years.